Our prime objective

You can start the quest to find the set by tearing the ad off the board in Beauclair and talking to the blacksmith-grandmaster. His workshop is located near the Nilfgaard Embassy fast travel point. But you can start the search on your own, returning to the grandmaster and giving all the blueprints, you will still receive a reward. You can find more detailed information about the location of the armor on the website of the game portal https://www.hermitgamer.com/witcher-3-manticore-armor/.

The armor of the Manticore school, well known to fans of the Witcher series from the first game, can be worn if your hero has reached level 40. The armor belongs to the middle class and gives some advantage to those players who often use bombs and alchemical items.

The blueprint for the armor can be found in the cave just south of the Gelenser Farm fast travel point. Be on the lookout: the area in front of the entrance is teeming with wild animals. On the walls of the cave, there are prayer notes. You need a note on the far right on the center wall.

The blueprint for the gloves lies at the bottom of the Lake of Purification. The nearest point of movement is the Dun Tynne Fork.

You will find these blueprints at the Swan Sanctuary, northwest of the Plegmund Bridge move point. The entrance to the sanctuary is located below, at the base of the hill. The box that contains the blueprint is behind a rickety wall that needs to be smashed by Aard, and is guarded by a ghost.

Jean Louis Atienza, the President and Joël Julien, the Director (who is an agronomist engineer and oenologist), as well as the 350 co-operative members and the 21 staff members all pay particular attention to customers’ needs. In order to achieve the best possible customer satisfaction, the whole team has taken great care in creating, producing and marketing an extensive range of Vins de Qualité (quality wines). They are proud to have gained an excellent reputation – nationally, as well as internationally.

Our dynamic and enterprising team has already been awarded an astonishing array of medals in recognition of their achievements. These awards confirm that the implementation of our strategy, which is combining know-how and high-end technology, will give us the means to look confidently to the future.

High-tech investments and an ethical approach

A procedure has been set up that targets quality, competitiveness and conformity. All our wine-growers have to conform to precise and stringent specifications consistent with the highest ethical environmental standards that require the limited use of crop-protection products in order to help protect our environment consistent with the highest ethical environmental standards for a sustainable viticulture. We want to help preserve our environment, such as the famous Etang de Thau lagoon.

In order to meet the growing demand for our products, whether it is conditioned in a bottle or in a BIB (bag-in-box), and with modernization and automation in mind, the Costières de Pomérols have heavily invested in high-tech equipment such as two additional production lines.

A targeted marketing

Thanks to the bold investments that we have made, we have been given the means to grow the business in order to meet the ever-growing demand for our products, whether it is at home or abroad.

For more than two decades, our flagship brand ‘Beauvignac’ has been a resounding success here in France as well as all over the world. What is particularly remarkable is that export represents a high percentage of our sales, mainly to the U.K, Holland, the U.S. and Germany.

With over 40 different products as part of our range – 5 of which being different blends of the famous Picpoul de Pinet, only grown in this very region – the Costières de Pomérols offer an exceptional range of quality wines and A.O.P (Appellation Origine Protégée) – label guaranteeing the origin of wine.

We are strategically positioned at the heart of the market range, which is our strength and it enables us to produce fantastic, value-for-money, quality wines.


Discover our unique terroir nestled between land and sea.


Our Ultra-Modern wine-making facilities

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