IGP Côtes de Thau Rosé de Grenache

Grape Variety 

100% Grenache Noir                                     


Located to the south of the Via Domitia, the terroir mainly consists of ancient terraces called ‘Costières’ – dating back to the Pliocene period – overlooking the Etang de Thau lagoon and the Mediterranean sea. The geological structure of these coastal hills being limestone, red marl, clay, sand and stone.                                                   


Beautiful pale salmon colour, shiny and transparent.                                            


The nose is inviting and engaging.

At the same time delicate and complex dominated by notes of red fruit (cherry) and wild fruit (strawberry and raspberry).                                        


The attack is delicate and frank. The mouth feels velvety, smooth and develops aromas of red fruit.

Volume and subtility followed by a good length.

The final is very rounded.


Best served 


Food and wine-pairing suggestions  

 Serve as an aperitif, with hot or cold first course, with grilled fish or in a sauce, white meat, salads, any type of quiches.